Ayurvedic dietary advice teaches and promotes a diet and way of life that are in line with the laws of nature. The prime objective is to promote and maintain health.

According to Vedic philosophy, everything in nature is composed of the properties of the five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth. Depending on the composition of the latter, the three bio principles (doshas) of "Vata", "Pitta" and "Kapha" are created.

The individual characteristics of these principles are given to us at birth. They form our basic constitution and accompany us throughout our lives. For this reason, a knowledge of them and a diet and way of life that are in tune with them are crucial for promoting mental clarity and physical strength.

A natural diet is the foundation for successful implementation of our objectives. In sport this generally results in increased maximum power, improved endurance and increased speed.

Optimum utilisation of foods eaten is key for achieving these objectives. The focus of advice is thus on promoting and maintaining a harmonious body metabolism. This is helped and developed by a diet that adheres to Ayurvedic principles.

The "Basic" programme consists of anamnesis, determination of constitutional type and compilation of a personal dietary plan. The programme is carried out in two consultations. Going beyond the basic programme, there is an opportunity for additional consultations to update or further develop an existing dietary plan.
  • Anamnesis
  • Determination of constitutional type
  • Personal dietary plan:
  • - Foodstuffs chart
    - Meal plan
    - Receips
  • Update of dietary plan
  • or
  • Further development of dietary plan

Sport and nutrition are two of my great passions. My sporting career led me from judo, via kick boxing, basketball and bob sport, finally to American football. Cooking and reading are additional hobbies of mine.

Education and training
Ayurvedic dietary and health advisor (REAA)
Ayurvedic cook (REAA)
Fitness coach (SAFS)
Bachelor's degree in business economics (HWZ)
American Football
Berlin Thunder (NFLE) - 1 x Worldbowl Champion
Frankfurt Galaxy (NFLE)
Schweizer National Team (SAFV)
Zürich Renegades (SAFV) - 3 x Swissbowl Champion
Schweizer National Team (SAFV)
Schweizer Junior National Team (SAFV)
Zürich Renegades (SAFV)

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